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Stripped To The Bone: Minimalist Web Design

I pulled this article off Sitepoint. As web standards change, we as developers must change as well. The days of scrolling marquees and standard web colors are far over. Take a look for yourself and enjoy. “In web design, minimalism refers to the use of the smallest amount of images, colors, shapes, values and lines. […]

When is a website past its prime?

You remember it well: that day back in the late 1990s, when your company’s website first went live. It looked hi-tech at the time, and you were so proud to have graduated to the Internet. Here’s a fair question: How many times since then have you refreshed the graphics or content on your website? Some […]

The Google Chrome OS Challenge

I personally am a fan on Linux. It seems that most are not so keen on switching from their comfy Windows notebooks and welcoming Linux into their world. Will these same users who dismissed Linux as their primary operating system welcome Google into thier notebooks instead? This article was taken from, and explores the […]