Monthly Archives: April 2009

Security Tips from GWT

This article focuses on securing Google Web Toolkit applications, but it’s a great general JSON security article. Definitely worth checking out… Security for GWT Applications “It is a sad truth that JavaScript applications are easily left vulnerable to several types of security exploits, if developers are unwary.  Because the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) produces JavaScript […]

Good Design, Now What? (from Design Shack)

Check out this article posted on Design Shack. It’s a great resource for designers in their client communication and in their own self-revelation when faced with some of the more difficult issues around design manipulation and client education. Really great! “Good Design, Now What?” (written by Paravel Design in March 2009) “Here at Design Shack, […]

Welcome to the New Site!

Our think tank is going to be a hub and home for like-minded professionals to share their knowledge and insight on everything from starting a new business to the latest javascript tweak. From the effects of online marketing in the economy to creating widgets, this is the place to find and share all those neat little tidbits that we as a community find so useful.