Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the new website and new Think Tank!

AdBirds.com, as many of you know, has stretched its wings and branched into the online marketing, design, and development field with AdBirds Design & Market Inc. For those of you that know us personally this was the obvious next step and we’re glad to have reached our destination. Thank you for your support getting here!

Our think tank is going to be a hub and home for like-minded professionals to share their knowledge and insight on everything from starting a new business to the latest javascript tweak. From the effects of online marketing in the economy to creating widgets, this is the place to find and share all those neat little tidbits that we as a community find so useful.

In our industry we are more often finding competition not to be with each other, but those awful template sites that offer nothing but mediocre generalities and make the job of educating our clients even more difficult. It’s times like these that require we stick together and work cohesively to increase the value, both perceived and genuine, to have a higher success rate both for us and for our clients.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions so get busy sharing!